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3 highlights towards a successful Digital Transformation

3 highlights towards a successful Digital Transformation


Accurately measure the costs of the production process.


Only automate those processes that make a real sense to automate.


Go towards digitizing your integrated production process.

Full process data centralization

These 3 highlights have in common that data from all (sub)processes of the value chain must be centralized. Currently, many companies continue having islands of data which will be centralized by Manufacturing Analytics through:
A smart data capture at the source to ensure the data quality.
The validation and treatment of the source data to convert it into valuable information.
Correct data storage to ensure that data is accessible and secure.
The subsequent exploitation of the information for good decision making.

Analytical consultancy

Analytical Consultancy allows to promote the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes using data and statistics.

Thanks to Manufacturing Analytics you will have access to staff with proven experience in Energy Efficiency and Lean Manufacturing consulting. Our team will guide you on the path of optimizing your production process.


Analytical methodology

During this journey, Manufacturing Analytics will apply the DMAIC methodology, also known as the Six Sigma methodology.

Applying DMAIC with Manufacturing Analytics a data-driven problem-solving approach will be provided that will help to make incremental improvements and optimizations in your factory’s production processes.

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